Monday, December 24, 2007

Forms of psychoneurosis

These can be divided into:
1. Essential forms
2. Accidental forms
3. We can also include a periodic or intermittent form, which is nevertheless well defined. Essential formThis form begins at a very young age, and is characterized by a progressive development, with occasional slight remissions, until it establishes itself as a general state of being, usually when the patient reaches adulthood. It is therefore characterized by an insidious, rather slow beginning, followed by progressive development.

Accidental formHere the onset of the illness occurs suddenly: patients who appear in perfect health suddenly become completely prostrate. The transformation can take place overnight, or at least in a very short period of time.
There is no progressive development; often the most severe symptoms are immediately apparent. his form of neurosis is often the result of some emotional or moral shock, which is why it appears so suddenly. When caused by overwork,
it may take a little longer to develop.

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