Tuesday, December 25, 2007


All abnormalities related to vision are aggravated in cases of noncontrol; like thoughts, images can be less clear, confused, and this without any physical alteration of the organ itself. It has often been noted that images seem to hit the retina without being transmitted to the brain; psychologically speaking, it is as if patients were looking without seeing or, listening without hearing.

HearingUnlike vision, which is obscured, hearing is usually intensified. Patients become overexcited, and overly sensitive to the least noise, which often results in insomnia. TouchSensation in the hands seems accurate, but somehow gets erased before it reaches the brain, so that patients are not conscious of what they are touching, or of what they are doing.

This is precisely the mental process we are attempting to emphasize, since, although the physiological symptoms which we have just described are of little importance in themselves, understanding their psychological origin is essential if they are to be treated with any success.

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